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March 8, 2017 [Notice]
BROCHURE [The BMS Competitive Advantage 2017]

October 24, 2016 [News Release]
SURVEY REPORT [Attitude Survey of Consumers on Existing Home Purchasing 2016]

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Japan's Best Provider of Market Research Solutions

Bell Marketing Service INC(BMS)proposes a marketing strategy with a focus on consumers’ information, professional expertise in certain industries, merchandise information and marketing research.

BMS was established in 1987 and its business focus has been
marketing research. BMS’s original internet research and legitimate
quantitative research that need accuracy and reliability enable the
company to collect and analyze fresh, detailed and timely information
and offer suggestions and solutions to clients an their specific challenges.

In addition, BMS has solved problems through advanced analyses and
provided programs that would create corporate value, which are
different from other research companies ‘ businesses and services.

Moreover, BMS is a leading global level research company, which makes
full use of IT technology before other companies, promotes research
innovation, develops research system equipped with languages of various
countries and facilitates infrastructure to do digital field work and collective surveys with tablet devices.


-Background which Supports BMS’s solution-
Accuracy and Reliability:BMS has more than 1,000 researchers across Japan so that it can have highly-trusted data from face-to-face survey.
Large-Scale Monitoring in “Asian Market”:BMS operates Internet survey monitoring with some companies that have about 10 million researchers in total in twelve countries across the world.
Qualitative Research on Consumers’ Insights : BMS has its own unique and extensive network that can collect targeted people who are low relative appearance
Problem Solutions through Advanced Analyses:BMS can provide highly value-added information through multivariate analysis and data mining.
Global Research:BMS manages self-developed Internet survey system accommodating different languages (translated based on Japanese input).

Outline of Service:

BMS provides custom ? made solutions to increase value of corporations though planning and conducting integrated marketing research of movements and trends of target audience (and customs and markets) as well as in-depth analysis with deep understanding of present situations of corporations (customers)

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Company Profile

Name in full:Bell Marketing Service, Inc.
Established in:March 6, 1987
Capital fund:10,000,000 yen
Representative:Atsushi Kusamoto
Business field: Market Research Planning and Implementation
Market Research and Analysis
Solutions through Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining
Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses from Internet, Mobile and Face-to-Face Surveys
Internet Survey Monitoring
Address:Kintetsu Kasumigaseki Building 2F3-5-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-kuTokyo 100-0013, Japan (Map)
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